What to do in Edinburgh

What to do when you’re there


Visiting Edinburgh in winter and early spring


Edinburgh is always bustling with life no matter what time of the year it is; this city is also extremely easy to get to. Take the train up the east coast of England and over the border into Scotland and it only takes five hours from London. You get to enjoy the glorious scenery all the way up the coast from King’s Cross Station in London.

Alternatively you can book flights to Edinburgh from London or several other European airports directly, and then take a taxi or bus into this historical city. This is obviously the fastest way to travel if you just want get there quickly and start enjoying the sites.

Even in winter and early spring there is a lot to do in this city, which is the capital of Scotland. You can enjoy the coast and the bracing wind and walk in the nearby nature reserves and parks. If you are not the outdoors type you could stay warm inside by visiting “The Scotch Whisky Experience”, or one of the famous malt distilleries like the one at Glenkinchie. Sampling some of the products there will give you a ‘warm glow’ for the rest of the day.

Dining is always part of visiting a large city and Edinburgh offers a variety of traditional Scottish fare and food styles from just about every country you could think of. There is even a Roman style restaurant that serves food just as the ancient Romans would have eaten it.

After you have eaten, Edinburgh Playhouse always has something to offer no matter what time of year it is. 2010 sees “Mary King’s Ghost Fest” opening, and this promises to be a really spooky event because Edinburgh is renowned for its hauntings and ghostly Roman legions that are said to march around.

You could of course just go shopping in one of the vast range of arcades and specialist stores dotted around the city and finish off with a special dinner of traditional Scottish fare.

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