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Your Privacy

Cookies are small text files that exist in your computer to help websites recognise you as a previous visitor and store some of your preferences. SaferEdinburgh.org.uk does not require cookies but if they are enabled they are used to recognise you as a previous visitor and provide us with aggregated usage statistics about our vistors as a whole.

Website logs are standard across all websites and record each request for information that is processed by the web site server. SaferEdinburgh.org.uk uses log files to record some basic information about activity on the website and we analyse this to get a picture of our levels of traffic.

Google analytics is a service that is attached to a web site and returns information about the pages you view to Google's central servers for analysis purposes. This information is then made available to us to understand how our visitors are using our website. No personal information is collected but the details of the pages you visit, the resolution of your screen, the type of browser and similar browser and browsing information is recorded.